The school does not supply books and uniform. The school does not authorize any shop keeper to sell the books and uniform. Parents have the liberty to buy from any shop of their choice.

Career Counseling

We organised career guidance and personality development workshop for the students and their parents by Young Buzz, India’s Premier corporate organization in career guidance and people development.

The main objective behind this endeavor was to make the students understand their potential based on their interest, personality and aptitude and then make an informed career choice. We conducted skill based diagnostic test for the students from Std.III to Std. IX by Asset , India’s leading organization, working in the field Assessment of student learning.

This test really helps us to know the shortcomings and the strengths of the students. So it becomes easy for us to pin-point the specific skills where we need to focus to accelerate improvement and rectify their shortcomings.

Carrier Counselling

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